Now you can experience enhanced sound on Android P thanks to in built sound Amplifier


Google revealed a new Audio Framework for phones and tablets which will make it into Android P. The new Audio Framework includes a Sound Amplifier and new dynamic processing effects. The new framework should lead to a better audio experience for users.

The sound amplifier should allow Android devices to produce better quality sound in real time. The amplifier not only works as a software-based audio enhancing tool, but it can also perform tasks like suppressing microphone audio or adjusting audio based on the ambiance.

The Android Open Source Project has already been updated to include the Dynamics Processing Effect which should make it into every Android P device from all manufacturers. However, some manufacturers may choose to include a third party or their audio enhancements. HTC was known for its Beats audio enhancements while Sony has had its audio enhancements under the Walkman branding on its Android devices.


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